Object Event

This covers how the Object Event type has been extended to support GDST.

GDST Required KDEs

Certification List

You can see in the Certificates section that we have extended the base object event to allow for Certifications where ILMD data is not allowed.

"cbvmda:certificationList": {}

Existence of Human Welfare Policy

Indicator of human welfare policies in place on a vessel/trip, answering the question "What kind of human welfare, labor, or anti-slavery policy was in place on this vessel/trip?" If an internal policy is subject to 3rd party audit, select '3P Audit'.

"gdst:humanWelfarePolicy": "3P Audit",

Product Ownership

The party who owns the product(s) at the time the event was recorded.

"gdst:productOwner": "urn:gdst:traceability-solution.com:party:0048000.000001"

Vessel Trip Date

This is the start date of the vessel trip:

"gdst:vesselTripDate": "2021-09-26T13:37:42.2550000+00:00",

Additional KDEs not required by GDST

Sometimes, industry members need to include additional information on events that are not required by the GDST. In an effort to improve interoperability, GDST will come up with a common mapping for that industry member to use.

Transport Type

This specifies what mode of transport the products referenced in a ship / receive event were shipped by.

Allowed values for this KDE are:

  • AIR
  • SEA
  • LAND

The KDE would be a base extension attribute on the event like:

"gdst:transportType": "AIR"

Transport Vehicle ID

This is an identifier of the vehicle carrying the goods. It is recommended that this is a GLN.

The KDE would be a base extension attribtue to the event like:

"gdst:transportVehicleID": "V-12321313"

Transport Number

This is an identifier for the shipment or transportation taking place. This might also be referred to as a "Shipment Number".

The KDE would be a base extension on the event like:

"gdst:transportNumber" : "BTT0101010101010"

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