How to record the Landing events given different scenarios.

All products harvested from the wild will have a landing event. This event represents the first time that these wild-harvested products reach land. The Business Step urn:gdst:bizStep:landing will be used when recording this event and no disposition is required. The Location for the event should be the GLN of where the products reached land. Most of the time this will be a port of some kind.

It is important that if there is a change of ownership when the products land, then that change of ownership should be recorded in the source and destination list on the event as well as the disposition should be set to urn:gdst:disposition:entering_commerce if this is the first time the products changed ownership.

<!-- WARNING: This is not a complete EPCIS Document, this is a partial of an EPCIS Document for demonstration purposes only. -->
    <!-- Port of San Diego -->

            <!-- YELLOW FIN TUNA -->

    <!-- Landing Authorization -->
    <!-- This is a just an example Certificate for Transshipment Authorization and does not represnt a real Certificate -->

        <!-- This is a made up Certificate. This is just an example. -->
            <certificationStandard>Landing Authority</certificationStandard>
            <certificationAgency>Landing Authority</certificationAgency>

        <!-- This is a made up Certificate. This is just an example. -->
            <certificationStandard>WHO Human Decency Policy</certificationStandard>

    <!-- Landing Start / End Date -->

    <!-- Unloading Port -->
    <!-- Techinically if you look in the Master Data for the location, you can find this there. I included it here for demonstration purposes. -->

    <!-- Human Welfare Policy -->
    <gdst:humanWelfarePolicy>WHO Human Decency Policy</gdst:humanWelfarePolicy>

    <!-- Jimmy's Processing Co. -->

    <!-- Jimmy's Processing Co. -->
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